Investment Plan

Join & make revolution in this near future global currency!


  • Minimum Investment $10. Maximum no limit.

  • Daily Growth 2% upto 80 days (Including principal.)

  • Minimum withdrawal $10.

  • Direct comission 10%.
    Level Income 3%, 2%, 1%, 0.5%, 0.25% , 0.10% upto 7 levels

  • Daily withdrawal above $10.

  • No Deduction admin charges.

  • Daily Withdrawal limit 200 USD.

It's Life changing investment,
whichever way
you look at it

About Merlyn Bitcoin

Originally a Gold Mining Company entered into e-gold i.e. Bitcoin Mining.


Basically is a crowd funding platform to build a stronger economy.

Free Account Opening

You can freely open highly secured Merlyn Bitcoin Account.

Best Investment

Its a best way of Investing your bitcoin and grow eventually.